Stop Motion

This project displays the production of food items in stop motion videos.
Motion Design Film Production
June 2020 – August 2020
Created for
Glenn Davis Group
Special thanks to
Lisa Olay


I worked on this project for a visual identity update of a client meat company. The videos were for a social media campaign and commercial advertisement.


I set up the camera on a tripod taped to the floor to prevent it from moving. For the first video, I built a mini studio background using white cardstock attached to pieces of wood forming a corner joint. I filmed long videos of the entire production and shortened them in post-production.

DIY mini studio background


I encountered different challenges with each food video. The sandwich meat looked unappealing when laid flat, so I folded the pieces of meat. The meat wouldn't stay folded without the use of toothpicks, which took a lot of time to remove in post-production.

The breakfast video was most challenging during production. To stop the food from burning while filming, I began keeping the stove temperature very low. The low temperature allowed the eggs to spread out on the pan, so it took a few tries to get it just right.

The failed takes were still delicious.