Hazy Hues

This project is a playful drinking game designed to entertain three players in a household setting.
Product Design Interactivity Physical Computing
November 2020 – December 2020
Created for
YSDN Interactive Objects and Environments
Special thanks to
Borzu Talaie (Borxu)


I worked on this project during the pandemic, and I wanted to create a game suitable for the time. I noticed people’s interests and focused my project on socializing, drinking, and being playful. I designed this game to allow individuals in the same home to play a drinking game together.

How to Play

Each player chooses a coaster, and the colour of the coaster represents the player. The game randomly shuffles commands that offer the player the choice to drink or perform a task. The players interact with the game through the use of the coasters and the pushbutton. The game starts when someone presses the button when there are cups on all the coasters.

When given a command, the player chooses to drink or do the task and press the button. 

The technology in this project includes:

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • RSR Breadboard
  • Three Photocells
  • Three 10K Resistors
  • Ten m/m Jumper Wires
  • Six 2-Pin m/f Jumper Wires

The software used for coding:

  • Arduino IDE
  • Processing

How it Works

The coasters are made of resin and fabric dye, each containing a photocell/light sensor. If the photocell in the player's coaster detects that the cup was picked up, the screen will display a message saying "RED/GREEN/BLUE GOT HAZY." If the player performs the task and presses the button, the screen will display an alliteration affirmation. After a short delay, the screen will go back to the screen to shuffle commands.

Hazy Hues title "Each player must place their drink on a coaster. The colour of the coaster is the player in the game."
Resin coasters
Blue command "Drink twice or dig through the trash until you find a food wrapper."
Arduino Uno