Domino's Pizza

This project offers an updated visual identity for the Domino’s Pizza brand in various applications.
Branding Motion UX & UI
May 2020 – June 2020
Created for
YSDN Corporate Identity Design
Special thanks to
James March

Identity Update

The Domino’s Pizza brand identity required an update in order to appeal to the modern era and new generation of customers. The company sells quality food and offers fast delivery, but these traits were not evident in the brand’s representation on the web, flyers, and pizza boxes. The objective of the rebrand was to display Domino’s best qualities while maintaining the company’s playful personality.


The initial research process involved learning about the organization’s history, current identity, market, competition, culture, audience, etc. Understanding the brand from a holistic perspective allowed me to begin brainstorming potential solutions. Domino’s quirkiness appeals to younger people, so I decided to maintain a level of playfulness while employing modern and minimalistic features that are inviting for adult audiences.

Essence Words

While I was coming up with ideas, I regularly reminded myself of the essence words and objectives of the new identity. The essence words represented the main qualities of the rebrand, which were:

  • Playful
  • Vibrant
  • Modern

The goals of the new identity were to communicate the brand's playful personality, be vibrant and eye-catching, and reflect modern culture.

The final document for this project was a style manual outlining the new design and providing guidelines for its usage. The manual included the variations of the new logos, colour palette, spacing & sizing, typography, language, and other assets.

Domino's Pizza exterior
Domino's Pizza vehicle graphics
Domino's Pizza interior
Domino's Pizza box design