Canada's Luckiest

This project includes motion advertisements for Canada's Luckiest Campaigns.
Advertising Motion Design
May 2021 – July 2021
Created for
55 Rush × Level Up
Special thanks to
Amanda Barbosa, Stephen Sills, Tyler Doupe, and Satesh Mistry

Canada's Luckiest

Canada's Luckiest giveaway campaigns are offered by Student Life Network, Parent Life Network, and Canadian Newcomer Network. The giveaways are marketed online—primarily on social media.

Design Challenge

The advertisements for each giveaway should both reflect the brands and appeal to the target audiences. The motion in animations and videos is eye-catching, so moving ads perform well. The type of motion used depended on the form of the ad. Ads intended to be social media posts can have looping abilities, but stories only play once.


The team working on Canada's Luckiest Campaigns held bi-weekly artwork critique sessions. These meetings allowed us to share what was working well and what could use some refinement. The sessions were beneficial to everyone because we received honest feedback and opportunities to brainstorm and get inspired.

Though there were challenges, I felt lucky to be working on these campaigns.